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I"m looking at a provided Winchester model 70 XTR in .30-06. The fit and finish the the rifle appear to it is in great, however I recognize absolutely nothing around the version 70 in any kind of of that post-1964 versions.Is this s great rifle? space there any certain problems with this rifle? What type of accuracy could a man expect from the XTR? This is a sporter model. Does $425 sound about right for one in wonderful condition, no scope or mounts?I"ll be grateful for shared experiences and opinions.

Can"t answer for current prices, yet I have actually a mid-1980s press feed Winchester design 70 in .30-06 and also it functions nothing yet great. Recommended for basic hunting, that"s for sure.Maybe I obtained lucky yet mine will certainly shoot just around any load an extremely accurately.
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Winchester and Remington to be the height of the line American created rifles because that a lengthy time. I"m much more of a Remington fan, however there"s nothing wrong v the Winchesters and they room of equivalent quality to the Remingtons. In this day and also age of esculating prices $425 is no an the end of heat price because that a Winchester rifle in excellent condition. Numerous years ago I paid $500.00 because that a mint Remington 280 hill Rifle and also still believe I got fantastic buy.

My XTRI had actually a XTR in 7mm Rem Mag. IIRC ns bought the in "79 or "80. I offered it for yotes and also chucks with a 120gr Hornady, and for deer with a 162gr BTHP. It was accurate beyond my wildest dreams. I retained it because that 7 years or so then marketed it to buy a Browning.The Browning was an excellent but wouldn"t outshoot the XTR. Needless come say i should have actually never enabled the stainless steel of the Browning to "call to me".I would love to have my old XTR ago so.......I"d to speak "swoop that up". Especially for $425. I never had a single problem with mine. Fit and also finish to be great. Recoil to be lacking due to the cut of the stock. Purchase IT no -----pruhdlr

Winchester version 70 XTR
I have actually several of them in miscellaneous calibers and also they are great shooters. Last month, ns bought a mint .270 XTR for $320.00. All the best...Gil

I have a 2 of them,One is a 30-06 and one is a 270 weatherby magnum. I like them both, and they are great shooters. 425 is a great deal, I have seen lock on the used market as high together 700 or 800 bucks.
I have very early production Winchester 70 XTR Featherweight in .270 Win. And also have naught but great to say about it. It has a really nice blue job and the stock is nicely fit. The bolt is really nicely fit come the receiver and also the action is really smooth. Also though it"s a push feed, I"ve never ever had any jams or functioning problems with it. Ns touched up the trigger with a stone and I acquire a really crisp and consistent 2 1/2 pound cause pull. It will put 3 shots in an customs at 100 yards with my favourite 130 grain load. A great gun.
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This thread expense me. After reading your favorable posts, ns looked at a second Model 70 XTR in .30-06 and "swooped the up," as Pruhdlr advised. This one look at somewhat different than the first, which had actually a plastic butt plate and also gloss stock. The brand-new baby has actually a heavy red recoil pad and low gloss share finish. It"s dubbed a Sporter. Came v Millett bases and rings, everything near-new, $450 out the door. Preliminary handload efforts produced 1-1/4"
100 yds with plain jane 150-grain spire points. Serial # is G1989xxx. Any kind of idea that the year? If any kind of of you have this version of the XTR, I"ll short article some much more questions. Thanks.
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At one time; ns owned a Winchester version 70 Featherweight (Post "64) in 7 X 57 m/m. The rifle perform fine and was accurate, yet I necessary to "trick" it out by glassbedding it, and likewise had the trigger worked on. Ns made my longest shot on a Deer with it some 400 yards.
Serial #/Year
Thanks kdub. I saw that Thread. Mine M70 is clearly well past the 1981 list cutoff. Ns was hoping someone had mined much more recent USRA information.
I have had two of them numerous years ago. A 25-06 and 300 Win. Both to be good, exact guns. Only difficulty is they had actually the bolt on the not correct side!!

you should just buy it and also send it to me, girlfriend wont favor it I only have four model 70"s and need more.

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I have actually (something) available!
I was just browsing this forum and also I have a (something) easily accessible for sale. My dad provided it to me two decades ago and it has actually been well maintained, sometimes bringing the out and cleaning it from time to time, spending many of the moment in the case. Ns am interested in obtaining into skeet and trap shooting and want to market it to purchase a gun for that purpose. That is in fantastic (almost new) condition. We"re estimating that to have actually less 보다 150 rounds v it and also I execute not hunt. If anyone is interested, please contact me at ( email address). This is a (cartridge) and looking to get a reasonable price because that it - ns am willing to talk about this to come to a fair deal for united state both. It likewise has a scope - not sure of the specifics ideal now, however can have that information soon. The pistol is in ~ my dad"s home.