One warning the Friar Laurence offers Romeo the foreshadows future events of Romeo and Juliet is his statement, "Wisely and also slow, they that run quick stumble." by saying this words, the is reminding Romeo to be careful of his rashness and all-consuming love. Friar Lawrence also states, "These violent delights have violent ends," which foreshadows how Romeo and Juliet"s storm of emotions ultimately lead to their violent ends.

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In plot 2, scene 3 of william Shakespeare"s romantic tragedyRomeo and also Juliet, Romeo goes come Friar Laurence at an early stage in the morning to tell him around Juliet , the new love in his life, and to ask the Friar to marry them as soon as possible. In ~ first,...

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In action 2, step 3 of william Shakespeare"s romantic tragedy Romeo and also Juliet, Romeo goes to Friar Laurence early on in the morning to tell him around Juliet, the brand-new love in his life, and to asking the Friar come marry castle as soon as possible. At first, Friar Laurence is confused about Romeo"s visit, given the early hour and also the jumble of thoughts pouring out that Romeo"s mouth. The Friar thinks the Romeo has actually spent the night v Rosaline, a young woman with whom Romeo to be utterly lovestruck and lovesick but who had actually no romantic attention in Romeo.

Once the question of Romeo"s present love attention is resolved, the Friar take away Romeo to job for an altering his mind around Rosaline so quickly, when just the work before, Romeo to be weeping about his unrequited love for Rosaline.

"Thou chid"st me oft for loving Rosaline" (2.3.82), says Romeo, "And bad"st me bury love" (2.3.84). The Friar responds that he was simply chiding Romeo because that doting on Rosaline. By telling Romeo come "bury love," he way for Romeo to forget about his infatuation through Rosaline but likewise not to jump so easily from infatuation through one mrs to infatuation with another, as he appears to have done.

FRIAR LAURENCE. No in a graveTo put one in, another out to have. (2.3.85–86)

The Friar renders an interesting if somewhat obscure referral to graves, which is the Friar"s an initial foreshadowing that future occasions in the play concerning Romeo and also Juliet"s fate.

Later in the scene, Friar Laurence makes two more comments the more clearly and much more directly foreshadow events in the play. In the very first instance, back the Friar isn"t persuaded that he need to marry Romeo and Juliet, that decides to do so for one specific reason: the "this alliance may so happy prove / To rotate your households" rancour come pure love" (2.3.94–95). Friar Laurence believes that marrying Romeo and Juliet will placed an end to the feud in between the Capulets and also the Montagues. Ultimately, that does end the feud, yet not in the method that the Friar hoped it would.

In the second instance in this scene, Romeo urges the Friar to marry them as soon as possible. The Friar responds, "Wisely, and also slow. Lock stumble that run fast" (2.3.97), but the Friar falls short to take his very own advice. It"s the Friar"s decision to marry Romeo and also Juliet, and also to do it as quickly as possible, that speeds up the activity of the play which leads to Romeo and also Juliet"s deaths simply two days later.

In act 2, scene 6, just before marrying Romeo and also Juliet, Friar Laurence opens the step in a positive method by saying, "So smile the heavens ~ above this holy act" (2.6.2). He climate adds a not-so-positive remark that reflects his concern about the hasty marriage, "That after-hours with sorrow chide united state not!" (2.6.2). This foreshadows the sorrow the does, indeed, "chide" not just Romeo and Juliet, but also everyone rather in the play who is associated with them and their families.

Romeo tempts fate v his following speech. Conquer with his love for Juliet and caught increase in the moment of your marriage, Romeo says that when they"re married, he doesn"t treatment what wake up to them.

ROMEO. Carry out thou but close our hands with holy words,Then love-devouring fatality do what he dare—It is sufficient I may yet call her mine.(2.6.6–8)

Friar Laurence responds, "These violent delights have actually violent ends / and also in their triumph die" (2.6.9–10), an interpretation that the all-consuming love because that each other that compels Romeo and Juliet to it is in married therefore quickly could just as easily drive them come an same "violent," all-consuming end.

Friar Laurence has a few more things to say the foreshadow coming occasions in the play. In action 3, scene 3, after ~ Romeo death Tybalt and also runs away from the scene, Romeo looks for refuge with Friar Laurence. The an initial thing that Friar Laurence says to Romeo is that trouble seems to follow Romeo where he goes, which is absolutely true.

FRIAR LAURENCE. Affliction is enamour’d of thy parts,And thou art wedded come calamity. (3.3.2–3)

By "Thou arts wedded come calamity," Friar Laurence isn"t have to saying the Romeo"s marital relationship to Juliet is a calamity, or that Juliet herself is a wade calamity, yet that Romeo and also misfortune it seems to be ~ to go though life hand in hand.

Friar Laurence climate tells Romeo the Prince Escalus has actually banished that from Verona. Romeo falls to the floor "Blubbering and weeping, weeping and also blubbering" (3.3.91) as the Nurse says, and also then Romeo endangers to death himself. The Friar scolds Romeo for even thinking about killing himself, and, in a sense, the Friar foreshadows events in the last scene that the play.

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FRIAR LAURENCE. Hast thou slain Tybalt? it must be thou slay thyself?And slay your lady the in your life lives,By doing damned dislike upon thyself? (3.3.122–124)

Friar Laurence"s final words ~ above the issue foreshadow Romeo and also Juliet"s fate.

FRIAR LAURENCE. But, like a misbhav"d and also sullen wench,Thou pout"st upon your fortune and thy love.Take heed, take heed, because that such dice miserable. (3.3.149–151)