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Laurie Dawn Bugnacki from Ocala, FlI love this song. I did not understand that Bing crossby sang it. It comforts my soul and I must have actually heard this tune the very first time once I remained in grade school. The is a happy song and also I love the method Bing crosby sang it and also I prefer the lyrics too.George indigenous Vancouver, CanadaSpider Robinson composed a humorous parody that the lyrics in "Callahan"s Con"Barry indigenous Sauquoit, NyOn might 19th 1963, big Dee Irwin and small Eva"s spanned version the "Swinging ~ above A Star" entered Billboard"s hot Top 100 graph at place #90; seven weeks afterwards July 7th, 1963 that would top at #38 for 2 weeks and also it continued to be on the chart for 10 weeks...Big Dee Irwin had actually one other Top 100 record, together lead singer of the Pastels, "Been therefore Long" peaked in ~ #24 in 1958... And small Eva had four Top 100 records, with "The Loco-Motion" being her biggest hit, that peaked in ~ #1 for 1 week in 1962...Big Dee, born DiFosco T. Ervin Jr., passed away on august 27th, 1995 at the period of 63 and small Eva, born Eva Narcissus Boyd, died on April 10th, 2003 at age 59...May they both R.I.P.Barry native Sauquoit, NyOn February 7th 1944, ice cream Crosby videotaped "Swinging ~ above a Star"; as declared above, giving backing vocals to be the Williams brother Quartet, with 16 year old Andy Williams being the youngest member the the quartet...And on august 5th, 1944 that peaked at #1 for 9 weeks ~ above Billboard"s ideal Selling Retail records chart, it changed Bing"s version of "I"ll Be see You"* at #1 on the chart, it had been #1 because that 3 weeks...Plus his version of "Amor" was at #4 at the time...* and also at the time Tommy Dorsey"s variation of "I"ll Be see You", featuring Frank Sinatra, was at #6 ~ above the same chart.Barry from Sauquoit, NyThis track won the Oscar for ideal Song in ~ the 1944 Academy Awards, it to be from the movie "Going my Way"... The song was additionally covered in 1963 by large Dee Irwin in a duo with little Eva; it peaked in ~ #38...Rando indigenous Duluth, MnI seem come remember city hall this in a "Little Lulu" cartoon as soon as I was really young.Daevid from Glendale, the the all=time greats! swing that Bing.Steve Dotstar from Los Angeles, CaSonny Burke"s production with man Scott Trotter"s orchestra assisted make this a "neat" little record..nice clarinets, violins and muted brass..along v the close harmony of the Williams Brothers, that course!It also helped to have a great song, courtesy ofJimmy valve Heusen and Johnny Burke! Oh, walk I cite the singer? lolPete from Nowra, Australiathis is .... Prefer a really great song......Andy Williams singing for Lauren Bacall...thats one because that the cool kidssee an ext comments
increased MarieSlim Whitman

Country star Slim Whitman"s version of the 1920s song "Rose Marie" invested 11 consecutive weeks in ~ #1 in the UK in 1955, a document until 1991 as soon as Bryan Adams’ "(Everything i Do) I execute It because that You" invested 16 weeks in ~ the top.

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St. Elmo"s Fire (Man In Motion)John Parr

"St. Elmo"s Fire (Man In Motion)" was not composed for the movie, but for stack Hanson, a wheelchair athlete who 1985 "Man In Motion" tour logged 24,856 mile on his wheelchair in 34 nations while elevating $26 million because that spinal cord research.

household AffairMary J. Blige

Mary J. Blige introduced three brand-new words v her struggle "Family Affair": hateration, holleration and dancerie.

HeroinThe Velvet secret

When the Velvet Underground song "Heroin" gained screechy, Maureen Tucker quit drumming, figuring it would bust the take, yet her bandmates kept going. You deserve to hear it at the 5:20 mark.

The PowerSnap!

Snap! was two German producers. As soon as they essential a rapper, they found one on the American military base there and also had the rap top top "The Power."

baby LoveThe Supremes

When "Baby Love" got to the optimal spot, The Supremes became the an initial Motown act with two #1 hits on the hot 100.

The Punk Photography of kris SteinSong composing

Chris Stein the Blondie shares photos and also stories indigenous his book around the new York City punk scene.

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kris IsaakSongwriter Interviews

Chris speak the story the "Wicked Game," speak milkshakes and also moonpies at sun Records, and explains why women constantly get their way.

Which song are about Drugs?Fact or Fiction

"25 or 6 come 4" come "Semi-Charmed Life" - check out if you deserve to spot the song that are really around drugs.

dick Wagner (Alice Cooper/Lou Reed)Songwriter Interviews

The co-writer/guitarist on numerous Alice Cooper hits, penis was additionally Lou Reed"s axeman ~ above the rock n" Roll animal album.

Billy Steinberg - "Like A Virgin"They"re playing My song

The an initial of Billy"s five #1 hits was the tune that moved Madonna come stardom. You"d think the would acquire you a backstage pass, wouldn"t you?

Michael Sweet the StryperSongwriter Interviews

Find out exactly how God and glam metal go with each other from the Stryper frontman.