In the an initial stage the "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX sign Force," girlfriend are given three tests. The exam quiz friend on video game terms and card features. 3 tests are provided out in total, each through an accompanying duel. The test inquiries are difficult, and also while girlfriend can"t cheat ~ above the concerns in-game, over there is no penalty for reading the answers online.

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Purpose the Tests

The test in "Yu-Gi-Oh! GX tags Force" are offered for a few reasons. One is to check your expertise of few of the game"s numerous cards and also terms. Having actually a working understanding of many of the game"s cards is vital to constructing decks and defeating various other duelists. An additional reason behind the test is to improve the game. In the game, you room a college student at the Duel Academy, and in any kind of academy there space usually tests. The truth that these tests don"t count for or against you seems to indicate this.

Test Number One

Test number one takes place on Wednesday, might 17th. The answers come the test"s questions are in quotes. Acquisition cards from a deck is referred to as a "draw." A "continuous spell" stays on the ar after activation. Fighting a duelist 3 times to obtain a winner is dubbed a "match." The greatest level a monster card deserve to have is "12" and the answer come the minimal card question is "one per restricted card." The duelist you must fight after ~ this test is named Gillian and he provides the Essentials straightforward deck.

Test Number Two

Test number two takes ar on Thursday, June sixth. The answer to the sand gambler question is "three times." The card impact "Ultimate Offering" will not be a one-of-a-kind summon. As soon as you usage the knife of Revealing irradiate you might no longer "declare one attack." there is "no limit" come the quantity of equip cards a monster can have and the idol the the Duel Academy is "Alexis Rhodes." Your enemy at the finish of this test is Sigthor who offers the third Dragon deck.

Test Number 3

Test number 3 is taken on Thursday, July sixth. The "Wing Eagle" is not a heart monster. The letter "A" is in the Destiny board message. "Lekunga" is a water-attribute monster. "Blue" is not in the Ojama Trio and there are "three" Harpie Lady Sisters. Your enemy for this test is Aite, who uses the Halloween Corpse deck.

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